Double-sided Coating and Laminating Machine

Application Field

High Grade Packaging Materials for Electronic Products,  Common Buffer Materials, Electronic Industry ( Panels for Mobile Phones, Laptops etc.), Automotive Industry ( Car Marks, Car Built-in)

Product Features

  • Web:Release Paper, PP Film, PET Film, PUR Foam
  • Unwinder:Arranged with splice unit, accumulator, and semi-automatic splicing
  •  Adopting the precision coater
  •  Semi-automatic feeding web devices
  • Dryer:
       - Stable wind velocity
       - High thermal efficiency
  • Accumulator:
       - Non-stop feeding web devices
       - Tension control system
       - Static eliminator
  • Laminator:
       - Laminating the coated prepreg with the semi-finished products to make finished products.
       - Adjusting the thickness of finished products is equipped.
  • Winder:
       - Arranged with the accumulator
       - Automatic splicing
       - Automatic change of rolls

Technical Parameters

  • Coating Method:Comma
  • Coating Weight (Wet):0.08~0.9 mm±2μm
  • Roll Surface Width:1750 mm
  • Web Width:1500~1680 mm
  • Max. Unwinding Diameter:1100 mm
  • Mechanical Speed:30 M/min